Medical Marijuana and its Effect on Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? You’re in good company. In the United States, more people are afflicted with chronic pain than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined. And many chronic pain sufferers depend on pain medications that could put them at risk for addiction.

Medical marijuana has become an accepted alternative treatment for chronic pain. Marijuana has fewer negative drug interactions and fewer addictive properties than many prescription medications used to treat chronic pain.

Coastal Wellness Centers in Ormond Beach, FL, is a private medical practice specializing in comprehensive medical cannabis treatment. Here’s how medical marijuana can help your chronic pain.

Medical marijuana and chronic pain

In the not too distant past, marijuana had a bad reputation. Today, however, patients are turning to medical marijuana to treat a raft of disorders, from anxiety to seizures. The biggest use of marijuana in the U.S., however, is to treat chronic pain. 

Marijuana naturally contains a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short) that triggers natural chemicals already within your body and brain that work to ease pain and reduce inflammation. As a result, how you perceive pain is changed. You may feel more relaxed and experience relief from chronic discomfort and inflammation.

Medical marijuana is used to treat the following conditions that could cause chronic pain.

Using marijuana as a medicine dates back to 2900 BC in China. Early in 19th century Europe and America, doctors published over 100 publications about the uses and effects of medical marijuana. Recently, many more studies and clinical trials have been undertaken and indicate that medical marijuana is an effective pain therapy. 

Are you a good candidate for medical marijuana?

You should consider medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for chronic pain, especially if you’re worried about the addictive qualities of prescription pain medications like opioids. 

When you visit Coastal Wellness Centers, our healthcare team will evaluate your health and determine if medical marijuana can help relieve your chronic pain.

If you’re a good candidate for medical marijuana therapy, your pain specialist helps you obtain a medical marijuana card in your home state (if it allows medical marijuana).

Using medical marijuana instead of opioids

The use of opioids to treat chronic pain has caused an epidemic of addiction in the U.S. Each year, overuse of opioids has resulted in thousands of overdoses that end in death. Also, withdrawal from opioids is a miserable process.

Medical marijuana can reduce your chronic pain without risking addiction. This alternative therapy can help you work and play without discomfort.

To find out if medical marijuana is the right therapy for you, call Coastal Wellness Centers at (386) 302-4THC (4842), email us at, or send a message online to request an appointment.  

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